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Furoshiki in Bag Style

Let's make various furoshiki bags with a “NAGARE”!

Handbag (Bucket)

furoshiki bucket

This is the handbag style of wrapping, used for holding water.

1. Spread out the wrapping cloth.
2. Tie a single knot in each corner.
It is important to align the position of each knot.
3. Tie each of the two neighbouring knots together in a tight knot.

The bag is complete.

Shoulder Bag

furoshiki shoulder bag

This is the shoulder bag style of wrapping, convenient for carrying a small number of things.

1. Spread out the wrapping cloth.
2. Fold the cloth in half so that a triangle is formed with the patterned side on the inside.

3. Tie a single knot in each corner of the longest side.
4. Turn it inside out, so that the patterned side is showing.
5. Tie the remaining two corners together in a tight knot.

The bag is complete.

“Kiryu style” Bag

kiryu style bag

The following movie shows how to wrap the “Kiryu style” bag.

(The movie has audio, so please beware of loud volume.)

1. Spread out the wrapping cloth with the patterned side facing downwards.
2. Tie the two closest corners (left and right hand sides) together in a knot.
3. This knot will not be visible when the bag is finished.
4. Take the furthest corner on the left hand side and pull it over top of the knot in front of you.
5. Similarly, take the opposite corner and pull it through the knot to the side.
6. Take both of these corners and pull them out to the sides.
7. (This is important for making it neatly!) Form the shape of the bag and make the lid.
8. The section closest to you becomes the lid.
9. Tying the two corners together above the bag forms the handle.
The bag is complete.

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